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    Control your website!

    Content Managed Websites are easy to come by these days, but not always so easy to customise. Talk to us about a solution that works for you!

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    Web enable your business!

    When you need something more than just a website - we have the expertise to build a solution that meets your business requirements!

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    Online marketing

    Just having an attractive website is the tip of the iceberg - you need to get visitors to your site and when they arrive they need to know where to go and what to do!

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    Software solutions

    When your business processes are full of holes that slow you down or stop you altogether - we can help plug those gaps with a solution that gets you working again!

Welcome to Web In A Click

Specialising in customised Content Managed Websites, Web Applications and bespoke Software Solutions

Content Managed Websites

Be in control of your own website. Your website is your shop window - so you can't have out of date stock and posters on display if you want to keep your customers coming back to you! Our Content Managed website solutions are tailored to suit your needs, are customisable and can be updated with fresh designs as you need in the future.

Web Applications

Sometimes a website becomes far more to you than just an online brochure. When you need a solution to a problem, we can help with a bespoke application to enable your business to grow and adapt to the needs of your clients. Talk to us about your requirements, we have many years of experience building bespoke solutions for our cients!

Online Marketing

Making the most of your online presence is as important as making your website look attractive. Search engines don't care how good your website looks, but the visitors they send to you do! It is vital that you address both aspects of your online marketing with good solid content that search engines can find and make use of, and an attractive well built website that works for your visitors when they arrive!

Bespoke Software Solutions

Often there are gaps left in the business processes that you depend on. We can help with a software solution that bridges those gaps and enables your business to work for you! If you have a problem that needs solving come and talk to us, we may well be able to help!

Affordable solutions,
for your business processes,
when you need it!

With many years of experience designing and building solutions to common process issues, Web in A Click can help smooth over the cracks in your systems.

From customisable data upload, cross-matching between systems to data export and reporting, we can tackle most problems.

Recent Projects

  • Our eBay store was pushing orders into outsourced order processing company, but that system did not provide any data on what happened to the orders once they received them. Web In A Click designed and build a bridging system to take our order data, match it to the 3rd Party system orders and then update our systems daily with shipping and order status data.

    Order Processing Dept.

    leading automotive manufacturer
  • We had integrated our website with an outsourced company, but we had no way for our dealer network to put their clearance items online. Web In A Click built and hosted a solution which allows us to upload frequent data files for clearance items and for those to be searched on the website by brand, type, store etc.

    Sales Dept.

    UK based audio goods chain